Esurance365 is a web-based insurance portal system designed to integrate all the aspects of the day-to-day running of an insurance agency from collecting new customer details, customer integration and tracking, customer self-service, creation and dissemination of quotes or offers to creation and tracking of new and existing policies.

Customer Data Collection & Quote Generation

Using this module we would convert all your existing insurance products into online forms which would then be integrated into your existing website. This would then be integrated with your rates to allow the customer to get instant quotations from your website.

Online payment can also be integrated so that the customer can also pay for the quotation once it has been generated.

Customer Self Service & Claims Management

This module allows for the customer to be able to login in with his credentials and

• Review his existing policy e.g. when it expires, its specific details etc.
• Renew his existing policies
• File a claim against his current policies
• Track the progress of each claim until completion
• Send communication to customer care representatives

Leads, Quotes, Policies & Claims Administartion

This module allows for the system administrator to perform the following tasks

• Track quotes generated within the system
• Attach the policy details and documents to a completed quote and also directly to customer
• Incomplete quotations will also be converted into leads which can be followed up by the relevant sales teams.
• The progress for each claims filed can also be updated from these section and therefore allowing the customer to be updated on the progress

Agent Integration & Customer Management

This allows the system administrator to create and administer agent profiles which will allow the agents to

• Log into the system
• Track their specific customers and file claims against their policies
• Get updates on the statuses of policies and claims related to their customers.
• Track commissions payouts for the customer’s policies

The system administrator also has the power to enable or disable each of these profiles and therefore has full control over their activities.

General Esurance365 Features

1. Integration of all existing insurance products into existing company website
2. Full Customer self-service
3. All in one comprehensive dashboard
a. Easy Tracking of Active and Unprocessed Quotations
b. Tracking of Expiring and Unprocessed Policies
c. Easy tracking of pending and complete tasks
4. Flexible creation of Insurable Entities
5. Quick Setup of Insurance Companies, Products, Commissions and Agents
6. Complete Customer Management and Tracking
7. Policies Management
8. Quotation Management


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